Exhibitions: Different perspectives for the 1100 years of Cluny - Jura

As part of the celebrations of 1100 years of the founding of Cluny Abbey, Cluniac sites in the Jura such as the abbey of Baume-les-Messieurs or the abbey church of Gigny-sur-Suran host exhibitions by contemporary artists confronting their gaze with the history of the place. Between past and future, the department of Jura invites you to discover new facets of this rich heritage of the Cluniac order through creations that blend in and live with these places of art and history.

Agnan Kroichvili: between archeology and painting

Among the works exhibited as part of these Cluniac celebrations, one of the most striking is undoubtedly that of the painter of Georgian origin Agnan Kroishvili. An archaeologist by training, he is particularly interested in the theme of "the imprint". In other words, the sites of Gigny and Baume stand out as privileged places to welcome his work. But more than a welcome, it is a symbiosis that takes place in particular with these canvases representing funerary slabs displayed on the pillars of the naves of the two churches. Agnan Kroichvili thus allows a real resurrection of the Cluniac monks through various and unexpected techniques while playing brilliantly on medieval symbolism in particular with a play of shadow and light which could only find its place within a building. religious. Another part of his work is exhibited in the abbey house of Baume alongside the creations of Josette Coras and Martin Becka.

Josette Coras and Baume-les-Messieurs

In organizing this cultural event, it seemed impossible to ignore the exhibition of part of Josette Coras’s work. Designer and painter, magnifying the technique of printmaking to create enigmatic paper sculptures, Josette Coras lived for about fifty years in the abbey house of Baume. The exhibition thus allows the visitor to discover his prolific work (burin engravings, paintings, paper sculptures, etc.) greatly inspired by the beauty, history and spirituality of the site.

"Footprints of Light", photography by Martin Becka

As with Agnan Kroichvili, the work of Martin Becka is exhibited in two parts through the sites of Gigny and Baume-les-Messieurs. After a career in journalism, Martin Becka has devoted himself for more than ten years to artistic creation using photographic techniques from the 19th century. Here, he revisits the medieval statuary of Gigny et Baume, in particular with a polyptych where he evokes the twelve founding monks of Cluny.

Useful information

Exhibition in Gigny-sur-Oran until August 7, free entry.

Exhibition of Baume-les-Messieurs until October 16 (daily until September 24 and then only on weekends), free entry.

For further

Josette Coras. A few years in Baume. Crossed looks, Jurassian Heritage Center, 2007.

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