Napoleon's Imperial Guard - Delprado Collection

Among the wide range of collections offered by Delprado we present to you " Napoleon's Imperial Guard "And its first issue, the Chasseurs de la Garde flag bearer (1808) in a metal alloy, hand painted, an exceptional piece for a very attractive price / quality ratio. Grenadiers, Dragons, Light Horses, Honor Guards, Skirmishers, Artillerymen, Sappers and all the legendary units that made up the Emperor Napoleon's Guard are united in tight ranks for a collection that will also stop at nothing!

The first figurine: the flag bearer of the Chasseurs de la Garde (1808)

The wind snaps the handlebars of the 1er Squadron of Chasseurs à Cheval, embroidered in gold lettering slams the motto of the French armies "Value and Discipline", pointed towards the sky as taking flight the Eagle spreads its wings with that pride peculiar to those who have conquered all nations Europeans who took up arms against France, home of the Revolution.

With the dolman on his shoulder, his head held high, the standard-bearer seems to be parading on his trotting horse. The details of the figure are remarkable in view of the scale (1/30), the facial features are more than honest and the uniform clearly detailed in the smallest buttons. The engraving of the figurine also allows a perfect rendering of the textures, in particular for the furs of the dolman or the colback. The photograph certainly offering a better overview than the description we offer you here some details of the piece we have in our hands and in particular the front rider, the leopard skin on the horse and the saber / sabretache / boot / set. spurs.

The horse is one with the rider and the two elements are not separable, unlike other brands. On the other hand, this horse is unique and made for the part in question, which avoids having a dozen

horses in the same posture as was sometimes the case with other manufacturers. The horses offered here by Delprado have new postures (from the trot of the standard bearer to the fiery impetus of the Empress’s dragon officer's horse) which gives the figurine even more realism. The musculature of the animal is often perfectly rendered and on this particular figurine we notice that even the animal's head is most convincing! In its elegant trot, the horse lifts its hoof and lets glimpse its shoe, the attention to detail is a characteristic of this Delprado collection and we can only rejoice.

The base of the figurine is both simple and convincing, if the discerning eye will notice small irregularities in the decoration around the hooves the whole makes a perfect illusion with a mixture of grasses and stones participating in the context of the room. Under the base you will find the description of the room in French and English so that you can quickly find who is who.

The collector's guide

The various collections of small soldiers of all brands have accustomed their readers to booklets succinctly describing the piece that it accompanies and expanding a little with subjects of History over the period most often very briefly, superficially, when they are not weren't full of mistakes. In other words, the figurine was enthroned in a display case but the booklet fell into oblivion ... With his first shipment, Delprado provided what he called the “collector's guide”, a fairly modest title which is justified by the first pages presenting the pieces from the collection namely:

- Flag carrier of the Imperial Guard (1808)

- Corporal of the Grenadiers of the Consular Guard (1800)

- Gendarme of the Imperial Guard (1813)

- Drum of the Mamluks of the Imperial Guard (1810 -1812)

- Cavalry officer of the Guard (1809-1814)

- Lightweight 1er regiment of the Duchy of Berg (1812)

- Rifleman-hunter officer of the Young Guard (1810)

- Officer of the Empress's Dragons (1812)

- Jumper of 1er regiment of Polish Lancers (1807)

- Corporal of the Guard of Honor (1814)

- Grenadier of Napoleon's Italian Guard (1806)

- Lancer of the Young Guard (1813)

- Lieutenant eagle carrier of 1er Grenadier regiment (1811)

- Hunter on horseback of the Guard (1809)

- Flanker of the Young Guard (1813)

- Napoleon at Wagram (1809)

- Officer of the Mounted Hunters of the Guard (1809)

- Horse artillery officer of the Consular Guard (1803)

- Cavalry officer of the Guard (1814)

- Artilleryman of the Imperial Guard (1811)

- Trumpet of 1er Regiment of the Guard of Honor

- General Charles Lefevbre-Desnouette (1815)

- Sapper of the Young Guard (1809)

- Trumpet of the Hunters of the Consular Guard (1803)

- Sergeant of the Grenadiers of the Old Guard (1812-1815)

Of course, this summary refers to the corresponding pages in the booklet which also deals with more general subjects such as Napoleon's campaigns. However, what I want to point out here is that this booklet is not a collection of shoddy booklets for the occasion, it is nothing more or less than extracts translated from the famous series of booklets on the military history: Osprey. Osprey editions are recognized for their quality, so you will find reliable and precise information and detailed sheets. It is regrettable that this booklet is in black and white, nevertheless it is already a very good thing to disseminate these 206 pages of notices on the Guard to a wide audience when Osprey only publishes in English. Once again the Guard pushed back their enemies and forced them to speak Voltaire!

In conclusion

A piece of excellent craftsmanship whose attention to detail from the base to the original pose of the rider and the horse allow a contextualization and a realism that make the collection of tin soldiers epic, far from the simple alignment of pieces to the guard to you.

A booklet also of very good quality, directly resulting from the translation of the Osprey booklets combining reliability of the comments and quality of the plates.

In the end, this first issue would be worth his € 5.99 for the figurine or the booklet so there is no reason to go without when you can have both for the same price. Namely that the collector does not commit to anything and can interrupt shipments at any time.

A fun way to combine a passion for History and a passion for collecting little soldiers who have become true works of art!

For a first presentation of a collection of figurines, HPT is fortunately surprised and we hope to soon be able to present new series on other themes or on other scales.

Find this collection on the Oimiliarts website.

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