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The animated world, books for 6-10 year olds

In the collection "The animated world", the Gallimard Jeunesse editions have published two books intended for 6-10 year olds: In the days of the first men andLiving in a strong castle. Flaps to unfold, flaps to lift, wheels to turn, mini-books to flip through, large images to observe ... all accompanied by precise and accessible texts for blond heads.

In the days of the first men

At the time of the first men is an animated book which invites the young reader to discover the evolution of the human species, on a chronology going from the appearance of the first hominids 2 million years ago until the beginnings of the Neolithic, which emerges in the Middle East 9000 years before Jesus Christ.

This large format cardboard album allows children to familiarize themselves in a fun and didactic way with anthropological and archaeological notions. The origins of the human race are discussed, from the African cradle to the exploration of continents, the evolution of lifestyles, from nomadic existence to sedentarization, the cohabitation of species through their description and uses (tools, food, habitat, rites and rock art), until the end of prehistoric times with the emergence of culture and agriculture. The budding archaeo-anthropologist will appreciate the small notebooks which describe the anatomical characteristics of each specimen over the pages: ardipithecus, Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Neanderthal man, Homo sapiens, but also Flores man. As in every work in the collection, there are beautiful detailed images with captions on a double page, numerous flaps and flaps to lift, as well as a cogwheel to operate to scroll through the elements.

Finally, a series of questions on the cover page invites the young reader, accompanied by an adult or not, to initiate a reflection on the evolution of the first men, by looking for clues according to the pages: "Homo erectus knew -he talk ”,“ Why did Cro-Magnon paint in caves ”,“ Did Homo sapiens populate the whole world ”. A well-designed documentary book that will delight the curious child.

At the time of the first men, by Jean-Baptiste de Panafieu. Gallimard Jeunesse, 2014.

Living in a fortified castle

Living in a Fortified Castle is an animated book that allows the young reader to familiarize themselves with the vocabulary of the castle and the functioning of the feudal system, while navigating within a castle from the beginning of the 13th century.

In this large-format cardboard book, large double-page tables in bright colors, numerous flaps, shutters, captioned and detailed images, as well as a cogwheel allow a first playful and didactic approach. From architecture to defensive functions, through the internal organization and the distribution of tasks, the young reader discovers the functioning of an entire medieval microcosm, through the description of the walls, the keep, the poultry yard, but again the siege of the castle, the armament of the knights who go to war, a tournament and a wedding. The authors develop the architectural perspective, therefore, but also social and economic, because each of the characters who evolve in this sphere is named, and his role is described there, from the lord to the knight, from the peasant to the soldier.

A series of questions on the cover page invites the young reader to engage in reflection on the different actors presented over the pages: "what is good in the kitchen", "how is a seat", "what are they? the different pieces of armor ”, so many subjects that the child can have fun commenting on alone or with an adult.

Living in a fortified castle, by Brigitte Coppin. Gallimard Jeunesse, 2014.

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