The Mexico of the rebellious. The great revolution of 1910

The Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) is a major event in world history. This key event in the history of Latin America sparked a number of artistic and literary works and brought names such as Zapata into collective memory with the film Viva Zapata! and Marlon Brando in the title role. However, the Mexican revolutionary period is a difficult period to apprehend at first glance. Alexandre Fernandez in Mexico of the Insoumis. The great revolution of 1910 published by Vendémiaire editions offers us to see a little more clearly and to better understand the arrangement of the different episodes.

Presentation of the book

We are not going to summarize the Mexican Revolution here but focus on the book. The story proposed by the author is relatively short (about 200 pages) and very well constructed: an excellent compromise was found between the events without falling into too great exhaustiveness and the explanations of the causes and motivations of each action or character in action. The story is largely chronological but some chapters or parts are more thematic: a complete chapter is devoted to the Republic of Campesinos du Morelos. The text is punctuated by developments on the debates or the history of research on the subject without ever being boring or superfluous. The last chapter on the interpretations, the consequences and the legacies of the revolution is very interesting but a little more complex than the preceding ones for a reader who knows Latin America. The author also shows the singular and decisive place of this event on the continent.

At the end of the book, the author offers maps, a detailed chronological index and biographical sketches of the main figures of the revolution, both complete and synthetic. However, we regret the absence of an index of proper names which would have made it possible to easily find information on such or such minor personality which had been discussed previously.

Our opinion

The Mexico of the rebellious. The great revolution of 1910 is a very pleasant book to read, complete and precise on a largely unknown subject. The author does not give a simple chronological account: numerous in-depth explanations allow a better understanding of the causes, issues and consequences of these events. The Mexican Revolution has a unique place in world history, and in America in particular, as well as in world culture. This book is recommended for a first approach to this unique moment.

Mexico of rebels: The great revolution of 1910, by Alexandre Fernandez. Vendémiaire Editions, November 2016.

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