14-18, The little soldier (August 1914) - BD

They were a bunch of friends, they were enjoying the youth and the euphoria of the summer when the general mobilization surprised them. The student, the aristocrat, the designer or the socialist, here they are all united under the same blue and red uniform. For them no doubt, the war will be short and victorious! But the future looks bleak ...


Summer 1914, it's hot and we party in this small French village. In the middle of the wooden horses and the pipe-firing stand, we flirt, we drink very fresh Muscadet which makes your head spin a little. In this rural France where life is good, everyone knows each other and a bunch of friends have met: Pierre, Arsène l'Auvergnat, Jules the student, Louis, Maurice the artist, Denis, Jacques the carried skull on the military thing, Armand the aristo, Jacques the alcoholic leftist ... And of course these beautiful people are in good company: Hermeline, Bernadette, Gilberte, Lucie, Rose, Nicole, Jocelyne ... soon to be separated by war, a war that everyone imagines short.

Our opinion

On the occasion of the bicentenary, comics on the Great War flourish like the crosses of August 1914. This new series, 14-18, is planned in ten volumes and should cover the entire conflict at the rate of two volumes per year of the war .

This first volume is devoted to the presentation of the characters on the eve of the war, the announcement of the mobilization, the arrival at the barracks, the first steps and the first clash with the German. We will follow this heterogeneous team, a flashback of which already tells us the tragic future.

With this introductory episode, we dive into the atmosphere of this France of 1914 which in no way imagines that it is entering a conflict of more than four years, an international and industrial conflict which will be the largest butchery ever known until then. . No, they are convinced of it, they will only have a few weeks, a few months to accomplish their duty before finding their dear and dear ones who are waiting for them in the village. The scenario of Corbeyran and the realistic drawing of Etienne le Roux immerse us in this euphoric-tragic universe: they leave the flower with the gun but the reader, him, knows in advance towards which sinister fate they walk in their new and badly uniforms. adjusted ...

A good comic book to treat yourself to a 100-year memory flashback and rediscover the universe of our Ancients.

The little soldier (August 1914)
Screenplay: Corbeyran
Drawing: Etienne Le Roux
Sets: Loïc Chevalier
Color: Jérôme Brizard
Editions: Delcourt

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