The Orphan Train: Lisa (BD)

Continuation of the saga dedicated to orphans deported to the western United States in the 1920's, we begin a second cycle devoted to Lisa and Joey "placed" more or less forcefully in the town of Cowpoke Canyon. The first going to be forcibly married, the second ending up with an old alcoholic, they set off on an eventful escape through the towns of the West. More than 70 years later, the two friends with their face marked by time are preparing to join Concordia where a meeting of the Orphans Association is taking place.


In 1920 an orphan train stopped in the small town of Cowpoke Canyon. These children from the east coast of the United States are destined for adoption by westerners, in the hopes that country life with a foster family will be more favorable to them than in the slums of New York. . Little Joey is separated from his brother and baby sister to be adopted by a Mexican blacksmith and his family. Lisa, the companion, is forcibly adopted by a certain Effron: a rough man from the West, a saloon owner who holds the town in an iron fist. The latter withdraws Joey from his Mexican home to place him with a white man ... An old alcoholic ... At the first opportunity, Lisa and Joey run away!

71 years later, the two friends are still in Cowpoke Canyon, Lisa receives an invitation to go to Concordia to a meeting of the Orphan Train Association: she forces Joey to accompany her.

Our opinion

After two volumes devoted to Jim and Harvey, the “Orphan Train” saga begins a second cycle by revisiting the story of Lisa and Joey. We find the atmosphere of the first episodes: that of these individuals torn apart by the absence of family, by past traumas ... Individuals who seek at all costs to find theirs or who at heartontraire would like to forget everything. This new cycle features an endearing duo, that of little Joey and Lisa who is already a young woman. A young woman who does her best to take the little one under her wing, although he is neither her brother nor her son. The scenario is dynamic since the two runaways must multiply the stratagems to escape the police and find something to survive, whether by trying to fish or by begging. In this world where everything seems hostile, Lisa's attractions are not without making her run some additional dangers. The story constantly alternates between the departure of the two friends for Concordia in 1991 and the flashbacks of their escape in 1920, the latter gradually allowing us to understand the situation and the internalized traumas of the two friends who have become old.

In conclusion, this second cycle takes up all the good tricks of the previous one, the story of the quest for origins for the small group that left New York in 1920 continues and the reader quickly becomes attached to this duo made up of candid Joey and d 'a Lisa older than the other children in the saga, very resourceful and maternal.

The Orphan Train
- Jim
- Harvey
- Lisa

Screenplay: CHARLOT Philippe
Design: FOURQUEMIN Xavier
Colors: SMULKOWSKI Scarlett
Editions: Bamboo
Collection: Wide Angle

Video: The Legacies of the Orphan Train Riders (October 2021).