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Sex, Lies and Politics (P. Lunel)

Subtitled "The Obsessed Who Rule Us", the very cover of this book leaves little to the imagination. From a smiling DSK to a malicious Berlusconi, including Bill Clinton, author Pierre Lunel sets out to display the escapades and lustful obsessions of a very selective panel of politicians. A quick glance at the author's bibliography tells us that he is part of the string of writers who pounced on the pseudo-phenomenon announced by the Borgias in the fall of 2011. This single consideration does not leave nothing good, and reading this "study" only confirms this impression.

From the exploitation of the tout

This book does not seem to have any other purpose! Do a little experiment: put the word "Sex" in large and bold letters in the title of a post, or at the top of a blog. The frequentation of said site / blog will explode; the same goes for a magazine or a book. The very concept of sexuality (or its semantic variations) with the aim of attracting customers by flattering their low instincts and their need for voyeurism. Here the subject is treated in a crude way, see vulgar. Be careful, there are dozens of quality books that tackle the issue with finesse and depth; there it is only a question of knowing who sleeps with whom, in what position, how often, how much and where it happens!

If the book is interested in politicians, it would have treated actors, people or even the "stars" of reality TV in the same way. The style has nothing to envy that of a tabloid newspaper; The author makes his characters speak as if they were from a fictional novel. Pierre Lunel uses and abuses repetitive expressions: Mussolini seduces with "his magnificent black eyes", JFK's bachelor pad is "the warrior's rest" as are Mao's concubines or Berlusconi's slender parts. The facts are never really questioned, they are put forward brutally and we move on! Sometimes, he is brought in a hazardous "like his father", "it's the environment that wants that" ... And yet there are matters, problems, we can legitimately wonder if these notorious sex addicts are so. nature or because of their functions and the aura provided by them. To paraphrase Henry Kissinger, power is the absolute aphrodisiac (this quote is also repeated many times), and yet Mussolini journalist was already a runner, as did JFK or Mitterrand who did not wait to reach the highest functions of the State to build a reputation as amateurs sometimes bulimic of the fair sex.

Sensational or pig?

Rather than presenting characters about whom we know nothing, and thus produce a book that brings new elements, the author describes the adventures of politicians about whom we know almost everything! First, he is interested in dictators. Stalin has the honor of being the first, he is described as a pig too fond of women and the bottle. No one doubts it! In addition Stalin was renowned for his colorful vocabulary, Pierre Lunel takes advantage of it and imposes on us pieces of dialogue as rich as a bawdy song. At the level of revelations, we discover that Stalin assassinated Lenin, an interesting theory but not sufficiently reliable to be so clearly affirmed.

Mussolini is a runner like his father, see like all Romagna, they will appreciate! He seduces with his magnificent black eyes, no woman can resist him. So eyes and power, what is the weapon of mass seduction? Mao is dirty and collects the concubines he receives in full wagons. Entire chapters are devoted to the great guide's fear of loss of sexual vigor. A long passage follows on Jean-Bedel Bokassa, we learn that he is violent and heartless, great news! More astonishing, the "Emperor" of Central Africa is described as libertine! Should we remember that Bokassa tended to have the military kidnap women he liked? Then to kidnap them, rape them and thus force them to accept marriage? We are a long way from the definition that can be attached to the concept of debauchery! Let’s add that the author claims that all Africans are polygamists, a famous animator recently deceased could not have said better!

The second part is devoted to politicians from across the Atlantic. A nude starlet photo at the top of each chapter The Sun would not have decided. The Kennedy saga is recounted in broad outline, we have the right to a detailed description of the escapades of Papa Joe and all his sons. Glamor makes its appearance with the hapless Jackie Kennedy, but the main interest is the unbridled sexuality of these gentlemen. It's a festival, there are often named actresses, starlets, models and groupies; but the heart of the subject is rather devoted to the frequency, the position, the place and ideally the number! This long chapter can be summed up in an idea put forward by the author: “Jack [Kennedy] is no different from all Irish people. For them, there are two types of women: mothers and wives, and others. With the former, sex is boring. With the seconds, it is champagne ”. Our apologies to all Irish mothers and wives. The chapters on Bill Clinton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are unsurprising, except that Pierre Lunel is astonished that the mother of the natural child of Terminator "is not a price of beauty", let's admit that making a child at the maid is not a particularly serious fault if the latter is worth the detour. But here, not only is she a domestic worker but she is also very naughty, we understand the author's just indignation!

Finally, the last part attacks the politicians "well home". Nothing new there either, François Mitterrand had a hidden daughter, Valery Giscard d´Estaing used to disappear from the Elysée to go to mysterious appointments with the scent of scandal. Berlusconi is a pig of the worst kind, a big consumer of paid sex and not hesitating to hand a ministerial portfolio to a former stripper. Jacques Chirac is as always nice but human, he does not really seem to have his place in this naughty assembly. Finally, it is no surprise that we discover the last hero of this sad series, the main protagonist of the 2011 sex scandal: DSK! All the elements are there, from sex mixed with lies on the eve of a presidential election. But that's too much, the subject has been seen and reviewed for a year now, we learn absolutely nothing, if not the deep meaning of the word "saturation"

In conclusion: to avoid?

The answer is yes without hesitation. A glance at the bibliography teaches us that “Sex, lie and politics”, is the result of the digestion of a crowd of these works which flourish on the stalls the time of a fleeting media hype before disappearing both bookstores consciousness. One more you could say! There are so many beautiful and good works that you never have time to read, save yourself the trouble of spending precious hours on this one ...

Sex, Lies and Politics, by Pierre Lunel. L'Archipel, May 2012.

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