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Subjects of history and geography (CAPES 2012)

On November 17 and 18, 2011, candidates for CAPES of history and geography have worked on the writings, with a view to eligibility for the oral exams in June-July 2012. There are a little over 4,600 this year to try the competition, a slight increase (+ 4.6%) compared to the last year, which had experienced a sharp decline due to mastering, but also a certain disaffection (and on many understandable points) of the profession. All for 580 “offered” positions.

Will the eligibility bar be 6/20 again this year? Will there be more than 50% eligible, or rather 40% like two years ago? Suspense for the candidates, who must wait at least the end of January to find out.

After a topic last year on the British world (1815-1931), fate (because it seems that it is only chance ...) designated Rome and the West as a theme of historical writing, with a subject that is both classic and trap “Rome and the Western elites”, supplied with, something quite rare, five texts: one from Appian, an extract from the Claudian Table, a registration in the municipality of Irni, an extract fromAgricola of Tacitus, and of Pliny the Younger (Letters).

As for geography, after "Feeding the very large cities in the world" (a subject that has become a cult), the happy candidates were able to reflect on "Europe: borders, caesura, limits" ... Only the map, with reliefs highlighted much more. evidence that borders, was provided.

Lovers of art or the geography of conflicts, for example, will therefore have to wait for their possible trip to Châlons to take advantage of it.

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