History of France in comic strips - BD

In 1976 and 1977, Editions Larousse in partnership with FR3 published what will forever remain a comic book classic: thecomic book history of France in 24 volumes, beginning with Vercingétorix, and ending in 1974 with the election of Valéry Giscard d´Estaing.

Originally published as a monthly album, this series generally brought together two major events per volume, thus addressing the major threads of the history of France, but also of humanity. Many children in the 1970s discovered a passion for history while reading this series, and the sight of the covers of all 24 volumes should bring back fond memories to many of you.

The high quality of the drawings of many designers, some of whom have had successful careers since (Manara, Ribera, de La Fuente or Coehlo) make this series still relevant, even if certain periods have been visited all too quickly.

If the original edition comprises 24 volumes, we also find this series in 16 volumes reissued in 2008 and sold in addition to the newspaper Le Monde. Faced with the success of this series, another series published in the same collection and entitled "The Discovery of the World in Comics" was offered between 1978 and 1980 in 24 volumes also, and addressing the great adventurers and explorers, from Ulysses to Appolo XI.

The History of France in Comics

Larousse editions


Jacques Bastian, Robert Bielot, André Bérélowitch, Pierre Castex, Christian Godard, Roger Lécureux, Victor Mora, Jean Ollivier.


José Bielsa, Guido Buzzelli, Eduardo Coelho, Gérald Forton, Victor de La Fuente, Maurillo Manara, Xavier Musquera, Raymond Poïvet, Raphaël, Julio Ribera, Enric Sió.

Original editions in 24 volumes (published between 1976 and 1978)

Volume 1 Vercingetorix, Caesar

Volume 2 Attila, Clovis Larousse

Volume 3 Charlemagne, the Vikings

Volume 4 Hugues Capet, William the Conqueror

Volume 5 The Crusades

Volume 6 Les Louis de France, Bouvines

Volume 7 Chivalry, Philippe le Bel

Volume 8 The Hundred Years War, by Guesclin

Volume 9 Charles VI, Joan of Arc

Volume 10 Louis XI, François 1er

Volume 11 The Discoveries, The Reformation

Volume 12 Henri IV, Louis XIII

Volume 13 Louis XIV the Sun King

Volume 14 Louis XV, American Independence

Volume 15 The Revolution

Volume 16 A first republic, Bonaparte

Volume 17 Napoleon

Volume 18 The Restoration, Louis Philippe

Volume 19 The Revolution of 1848, the Second Empire

Volume 20 The town, The Third Republic Larousse

Volume 21 Overseas France, the Belle Epoque

Volume 22 The Great War

Volume 23 The Second World War

Volume 24 1942-1974

History of France BD box set, 8 volumes, Larousse, 1998.

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