Long John Silver (volume 3): BD

What happened to Long John Silver, that pirate that everyone knows and an important figure on Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson's novel published in 1883? Silver would be the only man Captain Flint had ever feared. An increasingly fashionable exercise, in both cinema and comics, to put a fictional character back at the center of a new narrative. Dorison and Lauffray are coming off with talent, once again, to our delight.


1785 on the borders of the Amazon River, Lord Hastings discovers after several years the city of Guyanacapac, El Dorado so much sought after by the conquistadors a few centuries before. In England, the light-hearted Lady Vivian Hastings, abandoned by her husband who left for the New World, is convinced she is a widow and squanders her fortune. But his brother-in-law tells him that Lord Hastings is alive and well and that an expedition is going to be organized to bring him back. As for Lady Hastings' fate, it has been sealed by her brother-in-law who intends to lock her up in a convent so that she no longer defiles the Hastings name. Only one solution for Lady Hastings, set up her own expedition to recover the city's treasure, even if it means eliminating her husband. And for that, she signs with her blood, a pact with the most terrible of pirates: Long John Silver.

Our opinion

The first volume of this quadrilogy encapsulates the various protagonists and their complex psychology, on the basis of an intelligently written scenario, as usual by Xavier Dorison, to whom it owes little gems that today serve as a reference. in their genre (Sanctuary, The Third Testament, WEST). The adventure gains momentum in the following two volumes (the crossing of the Atlantic in the second, the search for the lost city in the heart of the Amazon in the third) and gives this series all its letters of nobility. . Mathieu Lauffray's magnificent and dark drawing perfectly serves this brilliant scenario cut out to the scene, and invites a keen reading to savor every detail of each plate. Long John Silver is no doubt a success that will end in an eagerly awaited fourth volume.



Screenplay: Xavier Dorison

Drawings and color: Mathieu Lauffray

Volume I: Lady Vivian Hastings (2007)

Volume II: Neptune (2008)

Volume III: The Emerald Labyrinth (2010)

Volume IV: Guyanacapac (forthcoming)

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