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Murena is a series of comics whose story takes place under the reign of the sulphurous Nero and which has known since the release of the 1er volume in 2001 a success never denied. Very successful graphically and very documented, Murena immerses us with delight in ancient imperial Rome, its palaces, its customs, its daily life. Next month will be released on the 7thth volume of this saga. The opportunity to come back to this famous peplum comic book by Dufaux and Delaby, which was unanimous among fans of the genre.

Murena: the story

Aggripine married the Emperor Claude so that the latter adopts his son, Nero, and make him his rightful heir, at the expense of his own son Britannicus. But the Emperor has a mistress, Lolia Paulina, mother of the young patrician Murena, friend of Nero. The emperor gradually abandoned his wife and Nero, and considered making Britannicus his successor. Devoured by ambition, Agrippina manipulates senators and men of influence in the shadows so that her son Nero can ascend to the throne by any means, allowing him to rule in the shadows. But this is without counting on the ambition of Nero who sees himself as a God, as well as on a testament left by the Emperor Claudius, which would lead to the fall of Nero and the accession to the throne of Britannicus.

If the character of Murena is fictional, all the other protagonists of this excellent series, as well as the facts which are related there, are authentic and have been the subject of a particularly thorough research on the part of Jean Dufaux, the most talented and prolific Belgian screenwriter, author of many comic strip scripts in historical context (Double Mask, Crusade, thieves of Empire etc…). Note that at the end of each volume, a very interesting glossary on the events related in Murena is offered.

If Nero, Claudius, Aggripina and Britannicus are at the heart of this series, we also meet other historical figures such as Pallas, Vespasian, Poppea, Petronius and many others

Served by the very realistic drawing by Philippe Delaby and a very successful colorization by Dina Kathelyn, Philippe Delaby and André Benn, Murena is undoubtedly the benchmark of the Roman era in Comics. To read urgently.

Murena: unanimous criticism

The press and specialists are unanimous:

« We are in the excellent peplum »Read.

« Murena is the best historical fresco I have ever seen. Michael Green, professor of Roman history at King’s College, Oxford, historical advisor on the film Gladiator.

« A beautiful lesson in history transcended by the breathtaking graphics of Delaby »Booksellers page.

« A history lesson commensurate with human madness. " The world

« If I was a high school teacher, I would definitely introduce Murena to my students. "Jean-Paul Thuillier, professor and director of the Department of Antiquity at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris.

The first Cycle of Murena (4 volumes) also called the cycle of the mother, begins in May 54, shortly before the accession to power of Nero and ends with the execution of his mother Aggripine in March 59. A second cycle (planned in four volumes) entitled The cycle of the wife begins in spring 62, the third volume of this cycle will be out in a few weeks. This second cycle is for many, less documented and less successful than the first, but still fascinating.



Screenplay: Jean DUFAUX

Design: Philippe DELABY

Colors: Dina KATHELYN, Philippe DELABY and André BENN (First Cycle), Jéremy PETIQUEUX (Second Cycle)

The mother's cycle:

Chapter One: The Purple and the Gold (1997)

Chapter Two: Of Sand and Blood (1999)

Chapter Three: The Best of Mother (2001)

Chapter Four: Those Who Will Die… (2002)

The Bride Cycle:

Chapter Fifth: The Dark Goddess (2005)

Chapter Six: Blood of the Beasts (2006)

Chapter Seven: Life of Fires (released November 13, 2009)

Video: Leituras de BD - Murena de Dufaux e Delaby (May 2021).