Sir Arthur Benton - BD

Sir Arthur Benton is a British citizen. However, he chose the wrong side: that of accepting the Nazi ideology. After Hitler surrendered in 1945, a prisoner of the Allies in Nuremberg, this enigmatic character only agreed to speak to his worst enemy: Colonel de la Taille, a member of the Second French Bureau and who had been tracking him since the beginning of a war that started in 1929 in Istanbul. Based on a well-documented scenario by TAREK and talented in drawings (and color) by Stéphane PERGER, Sir Arhur Benton is a psychological and suspense trilogy that plunges us into a war waged in the shadows by the Allied and German secret services.

From London to Istanbul, from Paris to Berlin, meeting countless historical figures, the pretenses and manipulations will keep you going until the last page. Note also that each album has some additional very interesting bibliographical pages on the historical characters encountered throughout this comic as well as on the major events that took place during this period.

Sir Arthur Benton is a reference in the field of espionage during the Second World War and has received numerous awards:
* Best first album award, Moulins 2005
* Best Screenplay Award, Décines 2005
* Best Screenplay Award, Marly 2005
* Festival prize, Rouans 2006
* Album of the year, Caen & Vannes 2006
* Golden scenario, Brignais 2006
* Prize for the best series, Rive de Gier 2006
* Saint-Michel for best screenplay, Brussels 2007

A second cycle (195-1953) which begins at the Nuremberg trials and ends with the death of Stalin is in progress (2 volumes published), the last volume of this trilogy will be released in 2010 and we will talk about it again at that time.

Cycle I (1930-1945) Complete Series in 3 Volumes
Publisher: EP (Emmanuel Proust Edition) Triologie collection
Scenario: TAREK
Drawing and color: Stéphane PERGER
Book I: Operation Marmara (September 2006)
Book II: Wannsee 1942 (September 2006)
Book III: The Final Assault (November 2006)

Also available in full volume.

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