History of Comet Sch - History


A luminous astronomical body, commonly with a long nebulous tail, and following a fixed orbit around the sun.

(Sch.: t. 187; 1. 90'6"; b. 23'6"; cpl. 120; a. 14 guns)

The first Comet, a 14-gun schooner, was built in Baltimore during 1810 and commissioned as a privateer 10 July 1812 with T. Boyle as captain.

After a cruise in the Caribbean and South Atlantic (25 July 1812- 14 February 1813), Comet was blockaded in Chesapeake Bay. Between April and September 1813 she was loaned to the Navy for reconnaissance in the bay area, with Boyle remaining in command as a Sailing Master. The schooner again put to sea 29 October 1813, returning to Beaufort, N.C. Comet took 36 prizes as a privateer.

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